From payment systems to managing privacy and access, as Crypto gains momentum, the longer-term implications are entirely transformational and disruptive for any industry. ​

In this Visionary Talks® Show, you will learn:​
+ What is the blockchain?​
+ The evolution of Cryptocurrencies.​
+ What types of Cryptocurrencies are there, and what is their use?​
+ Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and the real value of Cryptocurrencies.​
+ Smart contracts. What are they?​
+ Different applications for Cryptocurrencies and how are they affecting the future of finance and other industries.​
+ The Crypto landscape: who are the players?​
+ The big picture: what is next in the space?​

Join Nicolas De Santis and expert guests to understand the Crypto and blockchain space and their massive potential for disruption.

Special Show Guests Include​

Melanie Mohr, CEO​ and​
Melanie is a Berlin-based entrepreneur with 20 years’ experience in media, marketing and technology. She is the founder of YEAY, the leading community for Generation Z to share honest recommendation videos and the founder of the WOM protocol the blockchain company helping brands tap into peer-to-peer recommendations ​


Your Show Host

Nicolas De Santis, CEO​, De Santis​