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EPISODE 2 | VISIONARY TALKS® SHOW | Visions of Fintech. Making Financial Services More Human.

Watch replay of Episode 2 of Visionary Talks™ and learn how MoneyHub, the B2B global market leader in Open Finance, is reinventing how we see financial services forever. Led by CEO, Sam Seaton, Moneyhub is the B2B, SaaS tech platform leader in Open Finance and fintech innovation led by a pioneering team in Open Banking technology. Moneyhub delivers hyper-personalised retail experiences in all areas of finance based on smart data analytics.

ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE | Corporate Governance & Risk: Titanic, Costa Concordia and Grenfell Tower Fire: Lessons that save lives (part 2 of 3 – Costa Concordia disaster)

This case study – Costa Concordia, is part 2 of 3 articles about improving corporate and public governance. Part 1 describes all the crucial events and decisions leading to Titanic’s sinking and part 2 and 3 show the similarities with the Costa Concordia disaster and the Grenfell Tower fire in London. We also introduce the concepts of Materiality Analysis and Visionary Governance® as crucial components for improving decision making, reducing risk and anticipating future events. The case studies are part of our Smarter Culture® Workshop to design better corporate cultures and organisations.