Solsonica is a large-scale manufacturer of hyper-efficient photovoltaic cells providing full turnkey solar energy solutions. Solsonica develops products for use in the home, commercial buildings and photovoltaic farms and power plants. Its research and development facilities are state of the art. Solsonica was established with the aim of becoming one of the leading global producers and marketers of solar cells, photovoltaic modules, solar panels and solar-energy systems.

Solsonica is a spin off from the Italian, publicly-owned group EEMS. With 1500 staff worldwide, EEMS is one of the world’s leading service providers of all back-end manufacturing services for semiconductor memories.

Solar technology is the key for future energy production. It boasts a wealth of research and development, requires no toxic fuel and is inexhaustible, therefore it was important that Solsonica proved that it can directly compete with conventional technologies with the help of a new Corporate Vision System®.


Solsonica Transformation: Creating a Sustainable Market Vision

Solsonica approached De Santis® for its expertise in developing projects in the global renewable energy sector. Solsonica needed the creation of a long-term corporate vision that would also reflect its commitment and contribution to renewable energy and its social dimension within the realities of the future geo-political energy situation.

The sun still has 5.5 billion years of energy to give, meaning that solar power needs to become more of a branded experience as well as a more retail friendly product. In order to achieve this vision, marketers of solar panels must become high-street names. De Santis® has ensured that Solsonica is the first company to recognise and operate on this premise. Energy optimisation is the most amount of energy obtained for the lowest cost. It is this aspect of the Solsonica brand which differentiates it from its competitors and which will prove influential and society changing.

De Santis® gave Solsonica a name, a brand and an ethos based on a long term vision of transforming the grass roots attitudes towards energy production and consumption by making solar power accessible to everyone.

The iconic nature of the new Solsonica brand design was conceived to resonate with consumers, allowing solar energy to be seen as personable and friendly.

Furthermore, by sponsoring a prominent basketball team, Solsonica has given a tremendous boost to its fledgling brand, creating valuable associations with the right values in the minds of a diverse and passionate audience.