Present in 22 countries and with a track record of more than five decades working for education and learning, Santillana is the leading educational company in Spain and Latin America. With an international presence throughout the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking world, in Portugal and Brazil, as well as the US, the Group’s range of products and services includes educational content (textbooks, digital resources, support material, etc.) in all official State languages, covering preschool to Bachillerato and vocational training.

De Santis® created the new Santillana vision and brand portfolio strategy which included all markets as well as their main brand in Brazil, Moderna, one of the leading Education players in the market.

“Santillana has decades of experience in education, publishing and content and is the largest player in Latin America. This new strategy, will maximise synergies among group brands and markets as Santillana invests more in digital education, services and platforms” says Nicolas De Santis, CEO of De Santis®.

At a time of digital and pedagogical transformation, Santillana is committed not only to the quality and innovation of all its contents, but also strives to provide schools, teachers and students with a comprehensive and integrated service that incorporates technology, training and assessment.

Santillana pioneered SISTEMA UNO an integrated platform that connects students, teachers, parents and education centers in a proactive way. SISTEMA UNO includes partners such as UNESCO and is deployed in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Brazil and Guatemala.