We identified several product and brand values and attributes that were not being communicated via the existing brand and packaging. Rodial was the first ever cosmetic range to use pomegranate extract in a skin care line. We created a new vision for the range that could deliver a truly differentiated positioning at retail and consumer level.

Pomegranate fruit: A natural miracle

Used by the ancient Greeks for beauty and medicinal purposes, the pomegranate contains ‘ellagic tannin acid’ which protects cells from free radicals. It has two to three times the anti-oxidant capacity of red wine or green tea making it an extraordinary protector and detoxifier. The antioxidant enhances collagen production and helps prevent future skin damage.

A new beginning for Rodial

We created a new market positioning for Rodial and redesigned the corporate brand and the packaging to reflect all the new product values and differentiators, ensuring that the natural philosophy of the company was reflected in all areas of its product development. The new Rodial brand portfolio and packaging design express the new positioning and a new product naming architecture that simplifies the message for retailers and consumers.

The Power of ‘Ingredient Branding’
De Santis® identified ‘Pomegranate Ellagic Tannin’ as a key differentiator and turned it into a proprietary ‘ingredient brand’ for Rodial. This product ‘differentiator’ is now a key feature of the packaging across the whole range.

> Mops up free radicals
> Evens skin tone
> Helps with collagen production
> Acts as a natural SPF
> Helps reverse the damage of sun exposure
> Boosts restoration and repair of the skin

Increased sales and retail acceptance
Following the new launch, sales doubled and retailer acceptance increased with many new stores requesting the Rodial range. The Rodial luxury range is now sold via most exclusive retailers including Harrods, Fenwicks and Selfridges. The range was extended to include body scrub, body cream and self-tanning cream and it is now extended into more products and markets.