Climate Science is a leading climate education (UK) charity that empowers people to learn and act on climate (from individuals to businesses) through their science-backed resources & programs that are easy to understand. Climate Science believes education to be a change agent; thus, our partnership will allow us to help our clients understand climate change, its effects on the world and society, and its solutions.

Our ‘Journey of Discovery Visioning Programme’ to futurise companies will integrate our partnership with Climate Science to discuss the internal practices of our clients and recommend new ideas and practices to advance towards NET ZERO and beyond.

“De Santis’s mission is to create a ‘futuristic society’ that will acquire the necessary skills and mindset to anticipate and envision a sustainable future to create it in the present. Our partnership with Climate Science is part of that goal”

says Nicolas De Santis, CEO of De Santis.



“This alliance with De Santis will enhance our ability to reach corporations and spread the vital knowledge required to accelerate the vital transition to sustainability”

said Eric Steinberger, Co-founder & CEO of Climate Science.