Nicolas De Santis

Nicolas De Santis, Founder & CEO of DESANTIS, the Megavisioning® Lab, will be the Keynote speaker at Croatia’s Sustainability Summit on the 19th of September 2023 in Zagreb.

The Croatian Chamber of Economy (HGK) organised the Summit, with the European Investment Bank and the European Commission as Institutional Partners. The Support Sustainability Summit is a central event on sustainable development in Croatia and the entire Southeastern Europe, bringing together all relevant stakeholders involved in policy making and strategy.

Nicolas De Santis

Nicolas will present THE MEGAVISIONARY ENTERPRISE®, a system to futurise companies and disrupt markets and GLOGO®, The Global Governance Monitoring System, a tool created by De Santis to monitor global change and complexity and advance our understanding of sustainable development.

“I am honoured to have been invited again to Croatia for this essential annual Summit on sustainable development. It is clear to all that the world needs a new global governance framework to advance civilisation, but we still need to achieve systemic change on the scale required, and time is now of the essence. There are incredible initiatives and innovations to advance the world to a NET POSITIVE position. I will show notable examples of innovations coupled with new business models that can be genuinely transformative once scaled”, said Nicolas De Santis.

Nicolas De Santis developed the Megavision® strategy for Iberdrola to become a global sustainable energy leader.