Leading independent Risk, Geopolitical and Economic Analysis firm Rosa & Roubini Associates and D Santis®, the leading company in creating strategic vision, branding, business model and culture innovation for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 firms have joined forces to provide clients with unparalleled strategic foresight and corporate vision transformation services.

Global pandemics and their economic repercussions, geo-political tensions, trade disputes, technological innovation, balkanisation of global supply and value chains are all profoundly changing the economic environment companies operate in and disrupting many sectors of the global economy.


Highly disruptive environments require strategic vision and foresight

In a world undergoing deep structural changes, companies need a long-term corporate vision to navigate global complexity and thrive in the markets of the future. In tomorrow’s world, which is becoming radically different from yesterday’s, companies will either disrupt the market they operate in, or be disrupted by the new entrants better equipped to make the most of the evolved environment. Companies need to quickly adapt to the structurally different framework they will be facing by embracing change and considering risk as a necessity for evolving, the opportunity (not the threat) to grow in the future.

Drawing on its unparalleled breadth and depth of analysis, expertise, Rosa & Roubini Associates (R&R) provides a foresight of what lies ahead from a geo-political, macro-financial, regulatory and technological standpoint, with emerging trends and risk scenarios.

Based on this analysis, and on the back of its enviable track record of empowering companies to undergo radical transformation, Corporate Vision® provides solutions on how to strategically create a vision of the future and position your company in markets that may not yet exist, but will become the profitable areas for your industry and beyond.

“Our alliance between De Santis® and Rosa & Roubini Associates will enhance our joint strategic capability in analysing global complexity to synthesise what is truly important for the strategic development and future positioning of organisations and corporations”
said Nicolas De Santis, CEO of De Santis and President of Gold Mercury International

“With this alliance we will provide exceptional value to clients by independently analysing the drivers of macroeconomic, social and political developments, and deriving their implications for the future of organisations, while providing practical tools to create a new vision and implement the new strategy”
said Brunello Rosa, co-founder, CEO and Head of Research of Rosa & Roubini Associates

“De Santis’s GLOGO meta-trends tool and methodology and Rosa & Roubini’s heuristic approach that includes Macro Economics, Financial Markets, Cyber Risk, Geo-strategy and Political Risk will provide an exceptional combination of insights to win in the markets of the future”
said Nouriel Roubini, co-founder of Rosa & Roubini Associates