De Santis® created a new brand ‘portfolio vision’ and strategy that included promoting a healthy product like yogurt (healthy nutrition) with great taste and natural flavours.


The new core brand essence ‘HEALTH AND PLEASURE’ (Salud con Sabor) links the 2 core ingredients of the strategy whereby consumers aspire to obtain the healthy benefits while enjoying the consumption of different yogurt flavours.

De Santis® developed a new brand for Yoka and redesigned the packaging of Yoka´s products. During this process, it was important to maintain certain elements of the previous ‘brand equity’ that were used and transferred to the new brand design.

Our ‘portfolio vision’ strategy and new brand packaging system allowed Yoka to reposition itself in the premium yogurt segment whilst also serving the price driven end of the market. This dual strategy, allows Yoka to maximise promotional and distribution opportunities. Yoka sales have dramatically improved expanding further its leadership position versus competitors.


Yoki, the children’s´ product range of drinkable yogurts produced by Yoka, was also repositioned to fit within the new vision. The red and green colours, with a series of animals associated with a particular flavour, dominate the product aesthetics.