Nicolas De Santis is a technology founder, author, strategist, and award-winning internet entrepreneur who has joined the EWOR academy to support the education of young entrepreneurs.  

The EWOR Academy helps the greatest talent launch successful businesses by providing a new education system for entrepreneurs. The EWOR Faculty is conceived by Europe’s top professors, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders.

On the 4th of April, Nicolas De Santis talked about Fundraising for the selected aspiring founders worldwide during the event. Nicolas De Santis shared his personal story and experiences as a technology entrepreneur and market disruptor. The event was moderated and hosted by Daniel Dippold, founder and CEO of the EWOR Academy.

Some of the favourite quotes chosen by the participants from Nicolas De Santis include:

“There is no formula for building a company. Entrepreneurs should be open to change and not get obsessed with their product.”

“I didn’t think about my business as doing business, I thought about it as creating art – that’s what made it so innovative.”

“You shouldn’t be overconfident; you should be smart about failing fast and learning quickly.”

“Content is King, but distribution is King Kong”

Daniel Dippold said: “Nicolas adds to the EWOR academy tremendous knowledge of disruptive innovation with his experiences of launching the first digital web currency and disrupting the travel industry with the award-winning, which reached Euro 1.2 billion in sales.“

Nicolas De Santis said: “It is a pleasure to support EWOR and its ventures with insights and knowledge of the technology industry and the forces driving disruptive innovation.”