With more than 100 years experience, Iberdrola (a spanish public multinational that also owns Scottish Power) provides renewable power and gas generation, transmission, distribution and marketing in over 22 countries to over 30 million customers. With a market cap of 60 Billion Euros, Iberdrola has the largest portfolio of future renewable wind projects in the world, including nine of the ten world markets with the greatest growth and development potential in this sector.



Energy is essential to life but is also a complex global governance issue and challenge due to climate change. Energy availability and impact is a real concern for everyone and with the world population growing on an unprecedented scale, these needs will continue to grow. In this new global paradigm, ENERGY plays the central role in the future. Nothing runs without energy. Building a future which assures an ample and safe supply of energy is a major priority for governments, companies and citizens. It is critical to anticipate future needs if we want to have the right energy at the right time. If we do not anticipate future needs and innovate in this sector we will all be obliged to accept poor solutions to meet our energy requirements. De Santis started working with Iberdrola 20 years ago to understand the future of energy and developed a new strategic vision that is still in use today, constantly guiding Iberdrola to make better strategic decisions in a complex world.



Iberdrola Business and Cultural Transformation to Sustainability. From a Spanish utility to a global renewable energy leader: Creating the global brand of sustainable energy.

By defining the key future challenges and driving forces in the energy sector and the issues that Iberdrola would face, we saw an opportunity to redefine what an energy company should be in the future. We wanted to create a new model for an energy company that advanced society.

Iberdrola’s heritage in environmental and renewable investments became the basis for a new strategic vision anchored in energy sustainability and renewables. To drive this ambitious vision and culture change programme, we provided Iberdrola with a new Corporate Vision that would trigger a cultural transformation permeating all areas of the organisation and set it apart from its competitors in energy. Our Corporate Vision strategy, new brand, enhanced business model and innovative culture, provided Iberdrola with a 5 year competitive advantage over its competitors.


By understanding the future of energy and future customer needs and demands, we repositioned the company in the eyes of its millions of customers and stakeholders as a SUSTAINABLE ENERGY leader and a ‘caring and trusted brand’, in tune with their interests and ‘life needs’. We worked alongside Iberdrola’s management and complemented their strategic plan to double the size of the company in 5 years. Today Iberdrola’s vision incorporates innovation in various areas of energy transition to renewables including SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY. After  only five years from starting our project, Iberdrola became the number 1 energy company in the global Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

A NEW BRAND TO COMMUNICATE THE NEW VISION OF THE FUTURE. The new brandmark designed by De Santis® is comprised of three integrated components: a leaf, a drop and a flame. The green leaf symbolises nature, the blue drop represents water and air and the flame represents earth and fire. All are natural elements that Iberdrola transforms into energy. The new brand was fundamental to communicate to all stakeholders the new direction and vision of the company. We also developed new IBERDROLA STORES to sell new services and products to its large customer base of consumers and business clients.