It is the third largest private bank in Turkey; however Garanti’s market share in credit card charge volume places the bank extremely close to the number one position.

De Santis® won the credit card vision and brand project for Garanti as a result of its expertise in credit card products, loyalty points systems and international financial services.



Using credit card technology to deliver more choice for customers
Turkey’s position as a market in which payments are highly sophisticated and more than 20 million credit cards are in circulation, meant that Garanti’s Flexi services required a brand strategy which would attract confident and internet savvy consumers. The vision was for the new Flexi brand to further strengthen Garanti’s reputation as a technologically progressive and innovative bank. De Santis® saw Flexi as an opportunity to create a completely new market segment that Garanti could own and continue to grow.

De Santis® successfully communicated Flexi’s innovative credit card services with the compelling vision “Design Your Life”. Flexi gives the consumer the choice of building in and adding their own credit card features based on their individual financial needs and personal tastes, representing an unprecedented degree of tailor made banking. The new product vision allows customers to exert influence over their banking, with the ability to choose from a combination of interest rates, points rewards rates, credit card fees, campaigns and card designs.

For the credit cards standard designs, De Santis® created a metallic liquid bubble concept combined with a Flexi logo. The new brand vision tested extremely well with existing and potential customers. In keeping with the Brand Vision, we created a card that is as customisable as the services themselves, in order to generate greater brand awareness and customer loyalty.

We successfully created a revolutionary brand and communicated its functional and emotional facets in an imaginative and intelligent way through our new Corporate Vision System®.