The book is authored by Giovanni Bisignani, former CEO of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Shaking the Skies, is one of those rare books that changes the way you think about an industry. The book explains the most critical decade in aviation post 9-11, taking the reader through the most dramatic moments from the man who handled $2.5 trillion, made aviation safer and greener, and introduced with e-ticketing a new way of flying. During his time with IATA, Bisignani played a key role in reshaping the aviation industry and its governance. Whilst leading IATA, he set about modernising the industry and steered airlines through a crippling global crises.

Jack Welch, Former Chairman & CEO of GE said about Shaking the Skies and the role of Bisignani delivering industry change: “Congratulations on a great record. Too often these organizations don’t change the shape of the industry. Fortunately, they had you, and in this case, you did”.

Photo Below: From left to right: Robert Milton, former Chairman and CEO of Air Canada, Nicolas De Santis, CEO, Corporate Vision and President, Gold Mercury International and Giovanni Bisignani, former CEO of IATA at the book launch at the Royal Aeronautical Society in London.

Shaking the Skies: Book Reviews by Fortune 100 CEOs and global aviation leaders: Welch former CEO of GE, Mulally of Ford, Kelleher of Southwest among leaders praising the book and Mr Bisignani’s achievements.

“Shaking the Skies reinforces the importance of ‘working together’” to deliver a compelling vision, employing a comprehensive strategy and using a relentless implementation process. Thank You Giovanni, for all you have done to bring people together around the world through safe and efficient transportation”.

Alan Mulally, President and CEO of Ford Motor Company


“For a period of years, I had regarded reading IATA’s Annual Report as a possible antidote for sleeplessness. Then, things changed-it kept me awake! This transformation was caused by the selection of the hyperactive, visionary and thoroughly delightful Giovanni Bisignani as IATA’s Director General. Shaking the Skies is not only a leadership primer on how to revivify a perhaps somewhat somnolent trade association into a global changed leader but also a truly enjoyable and often amusing ‘peek behind the scenes’ at global aviation, national leaders of consequence and international negotiations. Giovanni truly set off a ‘bomb in the church’ while chanting his war cry of ‘basta’”!

Herb Kelleher, Co-founder and former Chairman and CEO of Southwest Airlines


“Thank you, Giovanni, for an exciting non-stop-flight through the recent history of aviation and for sharing your vision, your thoughts and your extraordinary experience with us. Your book is a must have and a must read for airliners and aviation enthusiasts!”

Dr. Christoph Franz, Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO Lufthansa Group


“Giovanni takes us backstage in the airline industry in an entertaining book that details the many changes in aviation during a turbulent 10 years. It is a story for those who want not only to transform complex organizations but also understand how to implement the changes. It is not to be missed.”

Enrique Cueto, CEO LATAM Airlines Group


“Shaking the Skies provides a compelling account of the enormous drive and energy that turned an insignificant airline association into the globally recognised leader of change that IATA is today. Under Mr Bisignani’s leadership, the industry has achieved an unprecedented unity of purpose in dealing with the many issues that challenge its successful operation. Shaking the Skies shares his critical insights into the day-to-day business of airlines and many years of experience which enrich this turnaround story, but above all the reason why everyone still loves to fly.”

James Hogan, President & CEO of Etihad Airways


“Through his vision and drive Giovanni Bisignani transformed IATA from just another international organisation into a force respected by governments around the world. Essential reading on aviation and modern leadership.”

Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas

VIDEO: Shaking the Skies on CNN – Richard Quest interviews Giovanni Bisignani

Mr. Bisignani’s achievements and changes did not seek to purely benefit IATA and its associated airlines; rather, he pursued a system of change that improved every aspect of the industry. His changes began with management restructuring and, to name one of many successes, led to him enforcing e-ticketing and subsequently making aviation the first ever industry to “enter the paperless world.