The world of financial services is changing at dramatic speed. New technologies like block-chain and new companies like Monzo are offering novel approaches to provide a new generation of financial services and experiences.

Our project team expertise includes work with global banking brand as well as developing new fintech start-ups:


Banking Groups & Investment Banking

Our team has worked with some of the biggest financial brands including Morgan Stanley, Banesto, Garanti Bank, Banco Atlántico and in developing the Santander brand.


Financial Privatisations

We developed Argentaria (the Spanish Corporacion Bancaria de España ), the merger of 40 government financial entities. Argentaria became one of the most successful state privatisations ever in the 1990s.


Savings Banks – la Caixa project with Joan Miró

Our Chairman worked on the high-profile ‘la Caixa’ savings bank brand project. La Caixa is one of the world’s largest savings banks. In this project world-renowned artist Joan Miró was called to participate in the creation of the brand. The project became internationally famous due to the creative solution and allowed the company to expand in Spain and internationally communicating the new vision and social focus of the organisation.

We have also worked with other savings banks, including Caja Postal, the former financial arm of the Spanish post office (Correos) and Caja Madrid.

Private Banking

Our team has developed new concepts, brands and retail environments for Private banking: Privanza (BBVA) and Altae (Caja Madrid).


Retail & Private banking customer service experience.

The team has worked on many retail experience banking projects, from large retail networks like Santander and Argentaria (BBVA), to private banking organisations including Altae Banco Privado and Privanza (BBVA). Environments are crucial to deliver customer value. We integrate environments as part of the total financial services value delivery.


Credit cards

We developed the incredibly successful Flexi credit card project for Garanti Bank (A GE company). Flexi gives the consumer the choice of building and adding their own credit card features (including Bonus points) based on their individual financial needs and aspirations.


Fintech, First Digital Currency and New product development

The team has worked with financial clients developing segmentation and brand positioning for new financial products including: funds, new ATM branding and telephone banking services. Our team members created the first ever internet and digital currency, beenz, two decades before blockchain and Bitcoin.








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