The topic of Nicolas De Santis’s Masterclass is GLOBAL GOVERNANCE & SUSTAINABLE GLOBALISATION ‘New corporate visions and platforms for understanding the complex problems of the world’. The masterclass focuses on new methods to develop foresight and support sustainable globalisation. The masterclass will feature GLOGO® (Global Governance Monitoring System) created by Mr De Santis. GLOGO® organises our planet into 8 core global areas and identifies the most important present and future challenges in each area clarifying emerging opportunities and challenges for sustainable development.

The Masterclass topics include:

+ What is global governance, the global level where everything happens and its impact on sustainable development.

+ Making better strategic decisions based on a better understanding of reality.

+ Developing a new mindset about our world and our destiny as a human race.

+ Learning how to manage complexity to your advantage.

+ The future landscape: How exponential technologies and new business models are changing humanity.

“I believe that we cannot progress towards global sustainability without a strong ‘global civil society’ that shares humanistic universal values. We have developed GLOGO®, a future global governance framework as part of our efforts to create a global citizenship movement and to clarify how the decisions we make shape the future of mankind.”
said Nicolas De Santis, CEO of De Santis and President of Gold Mercury International


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