The innovation panel discussed global governance challenges in education, climate change and cyber security. Nicolas De Santis also hosted a special think-tank challenge session on the future of personal data. In the innovation think-tank sessions, attendees come together with link-minded individuals to co-create a tangible solution to a challenge facing humanity. The group establishes the challenge and aim to disrupt it using business model innovation and group collaboration. The aim is to establish a start-up that can solve the challenge.

Nicolas De Santis (top row fourth from left) with the Think Tank team that took on the challenge of the future of personal data.


The Summit was organised by the global network Kairos Society. Founded in 2008, Kairos builds & funds companies to make life more affordable. Kairos focus on critical life stages where old industries have failed to meet the needs of everyday individuals around the world. They then partner up with the brightest entrepreneurial minds to build solutions to these issues.

Nicolas De Santis being interviewed for the Kairos Summit in Venice