De Santis worked with AJE GROUP, one of the largest multi-brand drink companies globally, to develop a new vision for the future of health drinks. We developed a new strategic vision based on developing new science-based drinks employing sustainable harvesting practices and using the most important natural antioxidants provided by the Amazon forest. To make this vision tangible, we created a powerful corporate concept and brand that would communicate its purpose of protecting nature and the Amazon forest.

Following extensive research, we identified the name that the native tribes that live in the forest used to call the giant river Amazon. The original word in the ancient Quechua language was Amarumayu. “Amaru” means “serpent” and “Mayu” means river. We created a new visual logo for Amarumayu that communicates the power and human connection with nature and its super fruits. Part of the purpose of Amarumayu is to preserve the Amazon ecosystem by empowering the indigenous communities who have protected the Amazonian rainforest for centuries. Some of the drinks using antioxidant superfruits include the BURITI fruit, known as “The Tree of Life” because it has provided food for hundreds of vertebrates species for thousands of years. Another superfruit is CAMU CAMU, nature’s most potent vitamin C source – 50 times as much Vitamin C as an orange! CAMU CAMU is hand-picked by indigenous communities using sustainable harvesting practices. As part of our corporate roadmap, we also introduced a new corporate philosophy, LIFE IS EQUILIBRIUM, to indicate the need to balance life on earth in all its aspects, mental, physical and spiritual.